Challenge Kong for the Throne in Forgotten Island Megaways Slot

King Kong made his mark on the world by climbing the Empire State Building in New York, all the way back in 1933 when he first hit the movie screens. He has kept making appearances off and on ever since and he is back again with a vengeance in the Forgotten Island Megaways slot.

Quickfire is sending us all on a mission to Kong’s backyard to trick the beast into letting us leave with bags full of a €350,000 max win and more. Sounds tough? Sure, but nothing comes easy in this world and you will have rolling reels, kong spins, free spins and a buy feature by your side to make your life a lot easier.

Kong is ready to go! Are you?

Welcome to the Jungle

Few have made it all the way to these parts of the jungle where Kong’s kingdom reveals the 6 reels and up to 117,649 paylines in play. Symbols like skulls, books, hooks and lanterns will make their marks on the reels but don’t think Kong will take a nap and leave you to it. No way! He will watch your every spin and if he can help you out from time to time, he will.


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Roaring Features Waiting to Be Released

This game is a triple threat in the sense that there are 3 features simmering in the background and it’s up to you to trigger them.

Rolling Reels – Every time you win, you will trigger the Rolling Reels. What this means is that all symbols involved in the win will disappear and fresh new symbols will take their place. This results in another opportunity to land more wins on the same spin.

As long as you land another win, this will continue but when the wins stop coming, you’ll go back to normal play.

Kong Spins – On any given spins, Kong might want to make his presence known and will trigger the Kong Spin feature.

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Each consecutive win will come with a multiplier that will also increase with +1 for each win.

This Is the Way to the Free Spins

Kong wants to be a part of the action and with a big old head like that, you know it fits quite an ego. In order to get to the free spins, you need to stick 4 of Kong’s photos on the reels. This will set you up with 10 spins, with an additional 2 for any extra scatter you can get.

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You will start off with a 2x multiplier and for each win, it will get a +1 increase. There is no stop to your multiplier so if you get on a real hot streak, it can get really big.

Pay the Fee and Win

The third and last feature is the possibility to buy your way into the free spins round. Kong is even nice enough to give you 3 options.

  • 10 Free Spins with a 2x multiplier
  • 10 Free Spins with a 3x or 5x multiplier
  • 10 Free Spins with a 5x or 10x multiplier

Your multiplier will increase with each win regardless of which one you pick, so why not go crazy and take a risk. After all, the biggest wins are always the sweetest!

Full of Big Wins

It’s a jungle out there and thanks to Quickfire and the Forgotten Island Megaways slot, it is full of big wins. You have already been granted access by Kong humself, so make the best of it before he changes his mind!