Travel around the Big Smoke for Big Wins in Down the Rails Slot!

Did you know that according to a poll conducted by UKTV Gold, many people believe that Sherlock Holmes (the dude created by another dude) was real, while Winston Churchill was nothing more than a myth.

Luckily Pragmatic Play isn’t losing grips with reality because Holmes is left out from the lot who made British history, as played out in Down the Rails slot. And guess who is there… Winnie himself. Well, a hysterically stereotyped version of himself anyway.

I just love this release. The theme takes you back to the 1860s and is set on The Tube, aka the London Underground. And traveling with you on the train to big wins are some of Britain’s best.

Would you rather…

Would you rather…

Share the London Underground with Winston Churchill, Florence Nightingale, and William Shakespeare, or with Jack the Ripper and Bloody (Queen) Mary?

Well, you don’t have much choice either way because if you play this Pragmatic Play slot, you’ll be doing it with the former. Better safe than sorry, we say.

I’ve always been intrigued by Victorian England. And I guess I can thank my English Literature degree for that. However, it’s probably The London Dungeon and Penny Dreadful that should take the credit.

This slot is story-telling magic, with all the incredible graphics, mechanics, and thought that went into it… The features will make this game go down in the history books.


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You’re playing in the Big Smoke

London is a big city, and it was big back then too. So big that the features in this high volatility slot have many stops to make and many places to show you along the transit line.

In the main game the train will stop to award you with 1 of 5 Random Spin Features – so keep clear of the doors.

There is Tunnel Vision, which transforms paying symbols into mystery symbols. The Big Smoke turns one symbol into a colossal 3×3 symbol. Wild Strike throws out Wild symbols randomly across the screen. Shifting Stacks are added to reel strips along with random multipliers.

And the last, but certainly not the least, is Bonus Blitz. Bonus Blitz can award you with 1 of 5 Free Spins features.

So many features! Pragmatic Play has really given us so much juice to squeeze out of this one.


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There are so many Free Spins sights to see

Down the Rails slot offers different Free Spins variants for every stop along the transit line. How damn cool is that?

There are Pentonville Free Spins, Kings Cross Free Spins, Buckingham Palace Free Spins, Canary Wharf Free Spins and then the End of the Line Hold & Respins feature.

If I had to describe each one, I’d need a book… But don’t expect Shakespeare – I’m just a millennial. To keep it brief, each Free Spins feature offers a different amount of free games to play, with different bonus mechanics to make them epic.

Well this is one way to get us to play, play, play. So that we can experience them all.

End of the Line is all about Money Symbols, Extra Lives, Prize Boosts, Expanded Symbols, Multipliers, and a Max Win of €400,000. So, I hope you get there!


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Never seen anything quite like this

I’m exhausted. The list of features to cover in Down the Rails slot is actually endless, but this sure does make for a brilliant game to play.

There won’t be a moment of monotony, a moment where you’ll feel like you’d rather be reading Othello, or looking up Newton’s theory of gravity.

This 96.51% RTP slot will have you captivated. In fact, I can’t wait to wrap this up so I can continue playing it.

That’s me guys, I’m off. See you in the 1860s, underground, in Down the Rails slot!