Experience the Madness of Cyborg Cats in Beam Boys Slot

Hacksaw has been getting all sorts of weird with their latest releases. It was, as a result, not all that surprising when I launched Beam Boys slot and saw a cyborg cat shooting lasers from its eyes. That being said, I was still curious as to where the idea came from, and boy, was I glad I went hunting for it. According to the official Hacksaw page for the game, the concept was a world in which “the kitten finally teamed up with the laser pointers.” I mean, how can I not already love this game?!

Enter the madhouse

Wild Laser Cat symbols can appear on reels two and six. When they do, laser beams will shoot out of its eyes from right to left until the laser reaches reel one. All positions that are hit with the laser beams will turn wild, substituting for all other symbols to complete winning combinations.


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The slot’s free spins feature is a little more traditional than most featured in recent Hacksaw releases. If you land three, four, five, or six FS symbols, you will receive five, ten, twenty, and forty free spins, respectively. And that’s about it. The free spins are somewhat re-triggerable with two or three FS symbols during a round of free spins, awarding two and four extra spins, respectively.


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The buy bonus feature is unique, though. And confusing. So, it all operates around the FeatureSpins mechanic, which governs the likelihood of you scoring certain features and winning amounts. At its most practical, this mechanic will mean that the more you spend on a round of free spins, the more spins you will receive and the more likely you are to land Wild Laser Cat Symbols.

Is Beam Boys slot a trip or a travesty?

Beam Boys slot has a 12,500x max multiplier, which means that betting at $20 a spin will give you a shot at $250,000 in winnings. However, the slot also offers a nice entry point with a minimum bet per spin of just $0.10. The slot offers variable volatility with a switch to the left of the reels (in the desktop version of the game), allowing you to select either “normal” or “extreme” volatility. It offers an RTP of 96%.

The slot has this almost monochromatic black-and-white art style that is disrupted with pops of neon blues and reds (the color being dependent on the variability level). This is a style that Hacksaw goes back to again and again. ITERO was probably the first time I noticed it, but it wasn’t the first game from Hacksaw to go in that direction. Even the cat from the Beam Boys slot is not completely unique to Hacksaw. The developer has executed very similar characters for RIP City and Chaos Crew. This would ordinarily annoy me, but with Hacksaw, it’s becoming a well-established brand identity, and I really love that they keep going back to it. Let me be clear, though, that I only love it because each game is a fresh take with incredible execution. And Beam Boys slot may just be the best of the bunch. I’m gonna give this one an 8 out of 10, and I’ll tell you why. When you click between the normal and extreme volatility toggle, the music doesn’t change. It’s small, but I think it’s such a missed opportunity. I also could have done with a few more themed bonus features, something that Hacksaw is traditionally great at.

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