Make a Deal With the Devil in Charlie Chance in Hell to Pay slot

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, especially when the woman in question is the devil herself! Although she may not be as powerful as her sister, God, she’s more than capable of inflicting a supernatural smackdown on any unsuspecting dope!

Head on down to the underworld in Charlie Chance in Hell to Pay slot from Play’n GO and don’t forget to compliment the dark queen on how much you like her shoes.

Welcome to hell

Charlie Chance in Hell to Pay slot is a tribute to the 1920s Walt Disney animations that built the legendary House of Mouse. Both the illustration and animation are beautiful, and the monochrome background is the perfect canvas for the brightly colored symbols that inhabit the slot’s reels.


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The illustration is not the only reference to the early 1900s, either. The slot’s gameplay honors the same period.

The first slot machine, the Liberty Bell, had been invented at the turn of the century. These games were three-reel single-payline slots that were the genesis of the modern feature-rich slots of today. Charlie Chance in Hell to Pay slot pays tribute to that grandfather of slots with just three reels, a rarity these days, and five paylines.

A deal with the devil

Once you’re done admiring how great this slot looks, you’ll be faced with the devil herself. Yes, she’s ruthless and cruel, but she’ll also give you a chance or two to win the €99,990 jackpot.

Charlie Chance in Hell to Pay slot is packed with bonus features despite its simple three-reel fruit slot design. To unlock these features, you won’t need to make a deal with the devil. You’ll just need to grab three flame icons on a single spin. The icons will appear in the bottom right-hand corner the slot’s symbols.

Once you manage to earn the favor of the dark queen, you’ll get a shot at the Feature Board, during which Charlie will take a walk along the front of the slot, stopping at a random bonus. These bonuses include cash, multipliers, sticky wilds, guaranteed win spins, and free spins.


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If you manage to score eight free spins, your audiences with the devil will become more frequent. During free spins, every three flame icons you collect will give you a shot at the Feature Board. It doesn’t matter if they are in the same spin or not. This gives you more chances to win big!


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Is Charlie Chance in Hell to Pay slot blessed or damned?

If this is what hell is like, we’re happy to head on down and enjoy the warm heat of hellfire. Charlie Chance in Hell to Pay slot looks amazing and has great bonus features. A 96.23% RTP rating and medium volatility ensure the slot offers a great balance between big wins and consistent wins. Simply put, Charlie Chance in Hell to Pay slot gets our recommendation.

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