Score God-Sized Wins in Titan’s Rising – Expanded Edition Slot

Greek mythology is a weird and wonderful melting pot of craziness. The birth of Athena is a great example. The story goes that Hephaestus broke open Zeus’ skull to cure a headache and out popped a fully-grown woman in battle armor. Then there’s Cronus, who couldn’t stop eating his own children and thought it would be a good idea to castrate his own father. Crazy, right?

Enter the madhouse of Greek mythology and stand to win big in Titan’s Rising – Expanded Edition slot from Spinomenal.

What exactly did they expand?

Titan’s Rising – Expanded Edition is a sequel to the original, which was released in October. Your first question, like ours, will most likely be what’s different. Well, graphically, the expansion is rather literal. Instead of five reels, the slot has six. The background is also slightly different. It’s still a volcanic wasteland, it’s just a slightly different volcanic wasteland. And that’s it. The rest of the slot is a carbon copy of its predecessor.


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Despite its rather literal take on expanding a game with a sequel, Titan’s Rising – Expanded Edition is beautiful. Each character is stunningly illustrated in full length standing three rows high. As you launch the game, you’re greeted by the five full-length characters, with Zeus duplicated to fill up the sixth row. This was a little disappointing. The pantheon of Greek gods and titans is vast, and it would have been nice to have another character added to the roster.

Nothing new to see here

Although there is always a new wacky story from Greek mythology to discover, Titan’s Rising – Expanded edition doesn’t offer the same depth. The slot’s bonus features are a copy of the original slot. That’s not to say they’re bad. They’re just the same.

With the appearance of three or more Milky Way bonus symbols, you’ll unlock between 6 and 10 free spins. Once you do, you’ll start your journey through the free spins map. The map has four stops that you’ll visit with each round of free spins you unlock from Zeus to Uranus. Each of the fours stops will offer a unique bonus feature.


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  • Zeus – Any winning combination will trigger a re-spin. During the re-spin, the symbols that triggered it will remain in place while the other symbols are replaced, which guarantees a second win.
  • Cronus – A stacked wild will move one place from the left-most to the right-most reel on every non-winning spin. A winning spin will trigger a re-spin with the Cronus wild remaining in the same position.
  • Gaia – When any wild lands, it will expand to fill the entire reel.
  • Uranus – At the start of your round of free spins, a sticky wild will appear on the third reel and remain there throughout. Additionally, before every spin, two to six wilds will appear across the reels.

Despite much of the action being focused on the rather extensive free spins feature, the base game has a trick up its sleeve. During base gameplay, Gaia wilds will expand anytime they appear on the third reel. Once that happens, re-spins will be triggered, and the stacked Gaia wild will move one position to the right until it falls off the edge.

Is Titan’s Rising – Expanded Edition slot worthy or wanting?

Spinomenal loves a good sequel. They release Christmas editions, expanded editions, and payline variants of just every game in their roster. Titan’s Rising slot is itself a sequel. The Rising franchise also includes Poseidon Rising slot and a 15 payline variation of the game. This leaves us asking a simple question. Does Titan’s Rising – Expanded Edition slot do enough for us to switch from the original?

Yes and no. The slot’s graphics are the same, so no real reason to change on that front. However, things start to look a little more attractive when you examine the numbers. Instead of a €100,000 jackpot, the new slot offers a much-improved €250,000 jackpot. The slot’s RTP rating does take a slight dip from 95.58% to 95.54%, but that’s not really significant. As for the volatility, despite the much larger jackpot, it remains medium to high as it was in the original.

If you’re not done with the wackiness of Greek mythology, then you should check out Hades, Zeus the Thunderer, or Story of Hercules.