How One Player Turned a 20 CAD First Deposit into 32,000 CAD

There are few things we love more than being able to give one of our players a life-changing experience. It is the type of experience that makes your hands shake and your heart pound with disbelief. This month, we got to enjoy watching one of our players go on this journey, taking the seemingly insignificant and turning it into something extraordinary.

How it went down

On 29 September, our lucky individual signed up for a BitStarz account from Canada. The player made an initial deposit of just 20 CAD, which is enough for 10 McNuggets and an Oreo McFlurry in The Great White North. That sounds like a great lunch, but it’s not going to pay off your car.

Despite the humble first deposit, our lucky player went on to win big. Selecting to play Avalon: The Lost Kingdom from BGaming, they scored their single biggest win, which netted them 23,396 CAD. However, that wasn’t the extent of their luck. Over the course of playing at BitStarz, our lucky player has already managed to hit a balance of 32,496.12 CAD.


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Just to give that figure some context: 32,496.12 CAD represents an 8,124% increase from that original 20 CAD deposit. Those GameStop bros would have given their left kidney for returns like that.

We don’t know what our lucky player from Canada intends to do with their winnings – what would you do?

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Unlike Wall Street, we don’t guarantee 8,000% returns. What we do guarantee, however, is over 4,000 games, a 5BTC four-part welcome bonus, amazing promotions, including Tesla giveaways, and lightning-fast withdrawals if you do end up getting lucky. Why not sign up and see if you’ll be the next BitStarz player to go on a heart-stopping adventure?