Retro Neon Staxx slot doesn’t disappoint!

Can we all agree that the 80s were a fantastic mess? It was filled with denim, spandex, and power suits with people enjoying their music on boomboxes and walkmen… walkmans? It was a time that is now revered for its openness to experiment. It was glorious!

Like Stranger Things and Wonder Women 1984, Neon Staxx slot from NetEnt gives you a chance to capture some of that 80s nostalgia and we’re down for it!

Funky fresh 80s glam

It just would not be an 80s-themed slot without the synth music. That glorious electronic music that was used in everything from Miami Vice to those aerobics videos that were filled with women in neon-colored spandex and leg warmers. Neon Staxx slot soundtrack has all the synth you’ve been looking for and more.

The music sets the tone, and the illustration brings it home. The reels have a forced perspective giving the slot a sense of depth that takes a second or two to get used to. Once you do, you’ll get to enjoy the radical neon spectacular that Neon Staxx offers.

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There are no special animations, and the symbols are simple, offering very little variety. None of that matters, though. Everything has a neon shine which enables an immersive experience that will have you reaching for your favorite denim jacket.

Hella righteous bonus features

If you’re looking for some schweet bonus features, the Neon Staxx slot has a righteous selection.

It’s in the name, and they weren’t going to let it go! During both base gameplay and free spins, one symbol is randomly selected before each spin to be stacked. These stacks of identical symbols can line up to ensure excellent wins. In addition to standard symbols, wilds can also stack, offering the possibility for a big enough win to get that vintage letterman jacket you’ve been eying on eBay.

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Then there are the totally choice free spins. Grab three or more diamond scatter symbols, and you’ll unlock between 10 and 20 free spins. During a round of free spins, only high-value symbols will be stacked, giving you good vibes and the chance to win big!

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Bitchin’ or bogus?

Neon Staxx slot is pure nostalgia. If the 80s had any impact on you whatsoever, this one is going to appeal to you. And if this success of shows like Stanger Things is anything to go by, there are more than a few of you out there.

The slot offers an impressive 96.9% RTP rating with low to medium volatility, allowing you to grab smaller wins more often, promoting longer play periods. The result is a slot setup specifically for entertainment.

Neon Staxx is just the start of your trip through 80s nostalgia. Try out Spinning Lights, Neon Classic, and the totally tubular Neon Rush if you’re looking for more.