Online Casino Etiquette Tips to Make You a Nicer Player

When you’re playing at an online casino, it pays to be a nice and happy player. Online casinos tend to be nicer and more generous towards players that are happy, friendly and overall courteous players, it’s definitely worth keeping your nose clean. So, to help you stay on the right side of the online casino, we’ve put together some juicy tips – you can thank us later!

Don’t Keep Asking for Bonuses

The golden rule of being courteous at an online casino is don’t beg for bonuses. Believe it or not, you will get tagged as a bonus beggar and support agents will have a response ready for you the second you pop up in their chat queue. Sure, we all love bonuses and would love more, but be grateful with what you already have. Here at BitStarz, there are a range of bonuses you can take advantage of, including Monday Reload and Wednesday Free Spins. Both of these epic bonuses will entitle you to a ton of goodies, so be happy with what’s on offer. That being said, it’s perfectly fine to ask for a bonus every now and then, especially if it’s your birthday and you’ve not asked for anything in the past few months.


Always Use Please and Thank You

Hopefully your parents drilled this into you as a kid, but some of us still choose to ignore this simple act of courtesy. When you’re talking to support agents, always remember to use please and thank you when appropriate. This will help you stand out as a nice player and customer service reps will likely be a bit more lenient with you next time you ask them for a favor. It sounds like a very small and petty thing, but trust us, it makes a huge difference.

Don’t Hit on Live Dealers… We’re Serious

Again, hopefully you have some common sense and aren’t a total animal, but these live dealers are just doing their job. You might not realize it, but they too have lives, families and loved ones. These live dealers are often fun, chatty and interesting people, so we encourage you to talk to them, but don’t get creepy and ask them for sex or nudes. If you do, they will laugh it off the first time, but the second or third time you do it you will end up with an account ban. Leave the live dealers to do their jobs, thank them for being so awesome and give them nice compliments. If you’re very happy with the service, you can always tip them with some of your winnings!

Tipping Isn’t Necessary, but it Makes Someone’s Day

Finally, you don’t need to tip at all when playing at an online casino, but when you do, you make someone’s day a whole lot better. Not all players are kind and friendly like you, with some getting verbally abusive. Imagine a whole day of this at your job. A small tip when you’re having a hot day at the online casino can make a world of difference and put a huge smile on the faces of the support team. So, if you’re feeling generous, don’t be afraid to hit that tip button!

So, now you know how to be a more courteous player, why not try it out for yourself. These tips are small changes you can make to your play style, but they make a huge difference to the other people at the online casino!